Buy gold necklace runescape 3 with Up to $10 off During 2020 Pre-Christmas Holid

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    The smithing tiers to make items up to rune were rebalanced to be in line with the requirements to wield/wear them. However with this change the high alch values of rune items no longer made sense (as they are low level items now) so the alch values were adjusted accordingly. Numerous people had/have loot tabs with these items in them from drops and since the alch value of rune was the only thing keeping the prices where they were these people bank values would have taken a significant hit. This is why jagex converted items into tokens to give the player a choice between salvages (alch for the same as before but are worthless functionally, for the loot tab people) and just redeeming the tokens for the items they originally had (for the people actually using the items to train with).
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